How To Be Productive Even When You Feel Overwhelmed

February 20, 2018


 Everyone gets overwhelmed once in a while; especially at the end of the year. Deadlines seem to come relentlessly one after the other, while the holiday season beckons for gifts to be purchased – it can seriously dampen your productivity levels.


Luckily, there are smart strategies you can put in place to get your productivity levels back in order.


Here’s how successful people stay productive in times of stress.


1. Get Moving

Movement stimulates all the positive brain chemicals and the effect can last all day. Get yourself into the right frame of mind for the day by moving around. This means exercise before work if you can or use your breaks to take walks.


2. Look Good, Feel Good
“Look good, feel good” is the saying the reigns true. Confident boosting outfits help you to feel in control and cause you to feel mentally ready to tackle projects.


3. Check In 
Try not to lock yourself in your office all day. Instead, spend a few mins checking in with people face to face. It gives you a good read of the office mood, and a better idea of what items should be priorities before checking your emails.


4. Remember why you’re doing this
There are times we just want to go home and do nothing, but it lasts all of a few minutes before we remember why we do what we do.


5. Plan out your day
When you have a plan it eliminates the possibility for forgetting important items; therefore improving productivity.

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