Lift Me Up

January 22, 2016


This is an "inprogress" drawing of my significant other and myself. This sketch is actually of a photo we took together some years ago in JamesTown California. 


The title of my drawing is called Lift Me Up not just because of the literal action in the drawing, but because I found that it is important to be "lifted up" in a relationship (this includes your relationships with friends family, etc). 


What I mean is, when you cultivate -Healthy Relationships- in your life you quite literally create a great support system of people you can depend on. These people are positive influences in your life, there because they care, out for your best interests, and love being around you. Havings these types of healthy relationships make you feel great about yourself, because it givconfidence and a positive outlook on things. In any relationship particularily "significant others" the point is to grow both together and individually. When you grow together really get to know a persons character - what builds them up, what tears them down, etc. Learning these things about one another builds trust and you learn to encourage in areas where it is needed, and celebrate acomplishments when a goal has been reached etc. While all of these things are important to a relationship it is also important and probably even more important to grow as an individual. Just because you have relationships with people doesn't mean you lose your identity in them. No, this shouldn't happen. What should happen is you both should have your very own unique identities, both different or similar but both identities should never conflict but rather, compliment one another. It is important to have time to yourself - to unwind, to have time alone, and evaluate ones progress. 


In short what I hope to have got across in this blog is that you make positive relationships in your life and begin to push forth more positive things in your life. :) thank you all for listening. 


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