Finding Focus in Business

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The world is forever spinning; each day coming just as it did before. Which is why In our busy lives, we can’t afford to waste time due to lack of focus. In a business this is important as a lack of focus can bring a halt to productivity and hinder the effectiveness of your end result.

Follow these Simple Ways To Stay Focused

Like most people, there are week’s that are a complete success – while others tend to face productivity slumps.

1. The Pomodoro technique is a way to get you to focus for short spurts, then you get a break. Who doesn’t love breaks? .

  • This technique requires you to break down chunks of time. Example: During your 25-minute focus time you need to turn off distractions—think email, iMessage, etc. —and use that time to get stuff done. Then, during the 5-minute break you can get a snack, coffee, take a walk and the like.

2. Get a Planner for those of you with Type A personalities, it helps keep you organized and is a visual way of seeing achievements.

3. Don’t Be Intimidated by Hard Tasks – We tend to “put off” or procrastinate on tasks that appear to be difficult for a number of reasons.

  • We don’t know what we’re doing

  • We think we will mess up and look bad

  • That we’ll succeed and then have to face a scarier situation

  • That the task will be difficult and uncomfortable

But the real question is how do we over come this? The trick then, is to catch ourselves when we’re about to switch. When the urge comes up to switch, we have to notice.

Then we have to pause, and deal mindfully instead of mindlessly with the urge.

Here’s how:

  • Create a practice space. Pick an important task (the one you’ve been procrastinating on is a good choice). Set a timer for 5 minutes, or 10 if you feel ambitious. Commit to doing nothing but your important task for that 5 minutes.

  • Don’t let yourself switch. Clear distractions and have nothing that you can do except this one task.

  • Stay with the urge. Instead of acting on the urge or ignoring it … acknowledge your discomfort and just allow yourself to sit.

  • Return to the task. After sitting for a while the urge will die down. Allowing you to return your focus to your task.

4. Find your motivation this is different for everyone and thats ok. For some, it’s music for others it’s exercise before going into work; whatever it is for you – DO IT!

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